Drupal as a mobile backend platform

Drupal can be a great backend platform for building native mobile applications rapidly. For those not familiar with Drupal, it is an open-source content management system like WordPress that has been gaining popularity and attracted a strong base of developers and users since it was initially released in 2000. Most notably, https://www.whitehouse.gov is running on [...]

Custom Taxonomy URL in WordPress

When you create a custom post type and a new taxonomy for that post type, you will notice that the URLs for the taxonomy values do not follow the same format as the blog category taxonomy value URLs. For example, if one of the category values for your blog post is "mobile", the URL would be: http://www.seongbae.com/blog/category/mobile Now, if you [...]

MarkLogic WordPress Plugin

If you want to provide advanced search to your WordPress website, you can use MarkLogic WordPress plugin to replace the default search with MarkLogic search. The plugin integrates with MarkLogic database, sending all your content - pages, posts, and custom content as well - from WordPress website to a MarkLogic server.  Then when a search is [...]

How to Rank Higher on Local Search

I am currently helping a small business get better found online and in local searches.  They specialize in jewelry and watch repair and are located in Chantilly, Virginia.  When I did a search on "jewelry repair in Chantilly" or "watch repair in Chantilly" on Google, I could not find their business at all!  Within two weeks, I was [...]

Enable Distance Filtering in Drupal Services

When developing mobile apps, location is one of core components that nearly all mobile apps are developed with.  However, when it comes to building mobile apps with Drupal, working with location can be challenging.  There are number of geo-related modules and discussions on enabling location by working with Views.  But in our case, we decided not to use Views, but just with the Services modules, to provide the maximum performance to mobile apps.

Increase Website Conversion Rate

Recently, we had to re-evaluate our online strategy when one of our websites was not performing well - not generating the leads that we were looking for. While there can be a number of different reasons for low conversion rate, Google Analytics provides tools to help you visualize how visitors arrive at your goal once they are on your website. Goals can be anywhere from filling out a form to downloading a PDF file.