comScore has recently published 2014 US Digital Future in Focus.  The report examines how today’s digital media landscape has changed over the past few years and where it’s headed in the future.

Some of the key findings in the report are as following:

Multi-platform users on rise

For the first time ever, the multi-platform users, those using desktop, smartphone, and tablet, constituted majority among digital media consumers.  In the beginning of 2013, this group represented 48%.  By the end, it was 56%.  This presents challenges for publishers as they attempt to engage consumers on different platforms.  As wearable devices such as Google Glass gain some traction, the digital media landscape will be more fragmented.

Smartphone entering ‘late majority’ phase

With smartphone penetration reaching 65% of US mobile users, the smartphone adoption is entering the late majority phase of the technology adoption lifecycle.  On the other hand, tablet adoption is still in the early majority phase with 34% market penetration.  However, 83 million US mobile users still do not have a smartphone and 157 million do not own a tablet.

Mobile content driven by apps

Mobile apps accounted for 85% of internet time spent on mobile devices in 2013.

Cross-platform integration is the next era for ad measurement

Media companies and advertisers will benefits from having cross-platform integrated advertising strategy.  It will meet the needs of advertisers more efficiently and result in increased marketing ROI.  They can also reach out to the desired audiences with more optimal cross-platform allocations.

There are many more useful findings in the report and I highly recommend that you take a look.

You can download the report from here.

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