Millennial Moms are the America’s Most Digitally Connected Consumers

BabyCenter has released their latest report titled “2014 Millennial Mom Report”  The report looks at the millennial moms, referred to those moms born between 1980 and 2000, compares them to the Generation X moms, those born before 1980, and provides a lot of useful insights about this demographic for marketers.  This report, along with other […]

Rise in mobile referrals highlights need for mobile optimization

According to this blog post by Shareaholic, more than half of Facebook referrals came from mobile devices.  Facebook referral has long been used by marketers to drive traffic to their sites.  With acquisition of WhatsApp and a focus on international reach, Facebook will continue to be a favorite marketing platform for marketers in the years […]

Tech News Weekend Reading 11/10/12

Articles Gartner: Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2013 (link) How Media Companies Can Think More Like Startups (link) HTML5 Does Have a Mobile Future (link) How We’re All Haunted By Feature Creep (link) The Intrapreneur’s Playbook (link) 11 Gorgeous Examples of Responsive Design (link) Reports Sandvine – Global Internet Phenomena Report (link) – This […]