If you want to provide advanced search to your WordPress website, you can use MarkLogic WordPress plugin to replace the default search with MarkLogic search.

The plugin integrates with MarkLogic database, sending all your content – pages, posts, and custom content as well – from WordPress website to a MarkLogic server.  Then when a search is made on your site, it will send the query to MarkLogic server, retrieve search results, and display them on the search results page.  It’s all done through MarkLogic’s REST application which is extremely easy to set up and configure.  Then we used MarkLogic REST API PHP Library to facilitate the communication between WordPress and MarkLogic REST endpoint.

If you have a small WordPress website with less than 100 pages, then this plugin may be an overkill for you.  You may find this plugin useful in one of following cases:

  • You manage a WordPress website with hundreds or thousands of pages and want to provide fast search
  • You manage multiple, related WorPress websites – such as multiple websites for a single organization – and want to provide one search against all databases
  • You want to provide advanced search with features such as facets/taxonomies, indexed search

Below shows data structure of a sample blog post before it is ingested into MarkLogic.  Notice that the category and tag information is included as well.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<ml:Post xmlns:ml="http://developer.marklogic.com/site/internal" status="publish" post-type="post" url="http://wp1/blog/signature-cocktails/">
   <ml:title>Signature Cocktails</ml:title>
   <ml:body>Thinking of some ways to jazz up and personalize your wedding reception? Signature cocktails are a fun and festive way to add some pizzaz to your bar menu! We've seen some great, clever, seasonal signatures wedding cocktails and it's a wonderful way to offer something special to your guests!

What is a signature cocktail you're wondering? Often times, the bride and groom will choose to add a cocktail or two to their bar menu that's the specialty drink of the night. Some couples do a "his" and "hers" or some choose to tie the drink to the wedding theme or season. As you're planning your beverage options for your big day, the bar can be a pricey element. While some folks choose to add signature cocktails to an already comprehensive bar menu, it's often a great way to save some money and cut out other liquor options and focus your menu on just those signature cocktail offerings and perhaps a beer or two. This can be an especially affordable option if you have the opportunity to provide your own alcohol or mixers at your venue and can purchase these through a wholesaler or affordable provider.

So without further ado, here's some signature cocktail inspiration for you, showcasing beautiful signage, clever drink names, adorable paper straws and tags:

Happy planning and very happy holidays to you all!

   <ml:short-description>Thinking of some ways to jazz up and personalize your wedding reception? Signature cocktails are a fun and festive way to add some pizzaz to your bar menu!</ml:short-description>
      <ml:term taxonomy="category" slug="diy">Wedding DIY</ml:term>
      <ml:term taxonomy="post_tag" slug="barn-venue">barn venue</ml:term>
      <ml:term taxonomy="post_tag" slug="diy-2">DIY</ml:term>
      <ml:term taxonomy="post_tag" slug="farm-venue">farm venue</ml:term>
      <ml:term taxonomy="post_tag" slug="farm-wedding">farm wedding</ml:term>
      <ml:term taxonomy="post_tag" slug="mason-jars">mason jars</ml:term>
      <ml:term taxonomy="post_tag" slug="rustic-chic">rustic chic</ml:term>
      <ml:term taxonomy="post_tag" slug="wedding-planning">wedding planning</ml:term>
      <ml:tag>barn venue</ml:tag>
      <ml:tag>farm venue</ml:tag>
      <ml:tag>farm wedding</ml:tag>
      <ml:tag>mason jars</ml:tag>
      <ml:tag>rustic chic</ml:tag>
      <ml:tag>wedding planning</ml:tag>

I will go into details of the plugin in upcoming blog posts.  I just wanted to introduce the plugin at a high-level .

Stay tuned!

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