Millennial Moms are the America’s Most Digitally Connected Consumers

mom-tabletBabyCenter has released their latest report titled “2014 Millennial Mom Report”  The report looks at the millennial moms, referred to those moms born between 1980 and 2000, compares them to the Generation X moms, those born before 1980, and provides a lot of useful insights about this demographic for marketers.  This report, along with other resources I’ve come across including this and this, strongly indicates that this consumer group is probably the most digitally connected group in America with strong buying power, making it a valuable segment of population for marketers to target.

When it comes to time spent online, the millennial moms spent on average 4.3 hours per day compared to 3.6 hours for generation x moms.  This includes tablet, smartphone, and laptop.  An interesting trend is that the millennial moms spent more time on tablet and smartphone (2.2 hours)  than on laptop (2.1 hours).  For generation x moms, it was 1.6 and 2.0 hours respectively.

When it comes to looking up for information on mobile devices in a month or less, the millennial moms reported following:

  • 76% said they looked up a recipe
  • 76% said they searched for parenting advice
  • 69% said they managed finances/paid bills
  • 64% said they made a purchase

When it comes to using social media, taking/sharing photos, listening to music and watching movies online, the millennial moms were clearly ahead of the generation x moms.

This one is interesting.  The question asked was if a mom has used the social and mobile platforms to pursue a new business idea or to make a supplement income.  We’re talking about sites like Etsy, TaskRabbit where users can sell items they made or get paid for running errands.  The millennial moms were clearly ahead of the generation x moms in embracing this new activity:

  • Started selling items I made using social media: millennial moms 39%, generation x moms 24%
  • Started a business; promoted through social media: millennial moms 37%, generation x moms 27%
  • Got paid for running errands: millennial moms 15%, generation x moms 9%

It’s evident that, for busy moms, there’s no better place than mobile devices in staying connected with family and friends, searching for parenting advice, and shopping online.  Just looking at my wife, she is constantly chatting with other moms using KakaoTalk (Korean equivalent of WhatsApp), sharing news and information about raising kids.  This is definitely a consumer group that has a potential to make greater influence and should be watched closely to identify market trends and opportunities.

Published by Seong Bae

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