Simple Map Link – Drupal module

DCApp has a section for business directory much like Yelp. It provides information on local Korean businesses including phone number, address, website, description, photos, and user reviews. The site as well as each business listing is optimized for mobile devices using the Bootstrap theme so that users on mobile devices can easily get the information they need.  This includes ability to tap a phone number to call the business which is already taken care of by mobile browsers.  Another feature I wanted to provide to users was opening a map application such as Google Maps or Apple Maps when an address is tapped within mobile devices.  After doing some research and realizing that no such module exists on Drupal, I decided to create a module for it.

Simple Map Link is a Drupal module that turns an address in the text field into a clickable link that launches map applications such as Google Maps or Apple Maps.  On mobile devices, it launches native map applications.  The module is currently at the sandbox status on Drupal website.  You can use following command to create a git clone:

git clone --branch master

It’s a fairly small module and I don’t think it will turn into a full-blown community project unless more features are added.  With this being my first Drupal module, it took a couple of hours and I learned how hooks are used in Drupal.

Here is a screenshot of module in action.  The address highlighted in red in the first image is clickable and launches native Apple Maps application on iPhone. The same link will open Google Maps on Android phones.



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