Touted as one of Pittsburgh’s best haute couture stops, Jupe has all you need to clad yourself for any occasion.  The boutique gives its customers a wide variety of selections: dresses, tops & bottoms, bags, tees, shoes, belts, purses and accessories.  Their prices are very affordable as well.  Following success of Jupe Boutique, Cara, one of two co-owners, launched another boutique called Panello.  Jupe currently uses Volusion to power its e-commerce website.

Since customers of Jupe Boutique are women from 20s to 40s that are tech-savvy with smartphones and social media, it was apparent that Jupe have a mobile optimized website.  This need is even more felt when Jupe sends many marketing emails and smartphone is the first place where their customers read the emails first.  When they click on any links in the email, they would see a traditional, clunky website that is impossible to navigate or browse products on a small screen.

We utilized Prooty, an online platform for creating mobile websites, to design, develop, and launch Jupe’s mobile website.  Jupe’s customers are now able to quickly browse the full catalog from their phones.